RLGT Premiere: Adrian Stresow – Lie to Me & Bags

Dive into these summer heaters below.

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Adrian Stresow is a rising hip-hop artist with a talent in making incredibly catchy music. “Lie to Me” and “Bags” are the first official singles off of Adrian’s highly-anticipated album It Could Be Worse, set to drop on June 22nd. “Lie to Me” was released last Friday, and now one week later he has another joint to bless us with in “Bags”. If you haven’t heard of him yet, I can guarantee that this won’t be the last time. Adrian is fresh off of the success from his last project, I’ll Explain Later, that was released mere months ago. He’s already back on his grind, delivering arguably his best cuts to date in perfect timing to start off the summer.

The artwork for both singles is ridiculously clean and fortunately the audio is no different. The production is unique and seems hand-picked for Adrian. His flow entices you instantly on “Lie to Me”, with seemingly effortless yet memorable verses. You can tell it’s gonna bang as soon as Adrian comes in with the bridge. Full warning, the chorus will be stuck in your head for the next couple hours. “Lie to Me” is the kind of up-beat song that gives you instant energy and transcends you into a good mood. On “Bags”, Adrian selects a more aggressive beat to flow over as he flexes his rapping ability. It’s a neck-breaker, with clever, quotable verses sprinkled throughout. Definitely has a go get that money vibe to it.

Adrian Stresow works hard to make new and innovative music, as opposed to simply recreating old sounds. As I sit here and try to type up a comparison, I realize how unique his artistry is. His style is specifically and exquisitely his own which is always refreshing to see in today’s day and age. He rhymes and spits but also has a melodic poppy element infused into his music that makes it incredibly catchy and intriguing. Both “Lie to Me” and “Bags” have the formula to be mainstream hits and I think that these could be the songs to send Adrian into next years Freshman Class. These tracks are going to be your go to windows down, volume cranked songs of the summer. Adrian is not just some blip in your timeline, he’s here for the long run. If these quality singles are a sign of what’s to come on the album, then I’m even more excited. If you like what you hear, which I’m assuming you will, be sure to sauce him a follow on Twitter and stream It Could Be Worse when it drops on the 22nd.

“Lie to Me” and “Bags” are now available on all streaming platforms and you can listen both of them below.

You’re welcome.


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