Childish Gambino Drops His “Summer Pack” EP

Childish Gambino releases two brand new tracks in his summer-themed EP.

Donald Glover is a man of many talents, one of them apparently being the king of summery jams. Months after the success of his viral smash “This is America”, he has released two tracks to provide just enough music to hold off fans (at least for the time being). The two songs are titled “Summertime Magic” & “Feels Like Summer” and evidently slap as you would expect. But not in the same fashion as Bino’s previous single. We move away from the loud, chaotic (yet intriguing) noise of “This is America” to something much more simple and tropical. These two are more reminiscent of his 2014 EP Kauai, almost as if they were throwaway cuts from the album that he just decided to drop. It’s singing Gambino over a melodic and wavy production.

The Summer Pack EP sounds like it wants to be on the soundtrack to your next chill pool party or trip to the beach. “Summertime Magic” is a soulful song about a summer-crush, with optimistic lyrics floating over a laid-back production. It can definitely be a summer contender as the days go on. “Feels Like Summer” has a similar vibe to it but there’s more to the surface. Listeners will see a darker message within the lyrics as Bino covers various issues such as climate change, water scarcity, air pollution and dying bees.

Both songs were released without any anticipation, the only announcement coming from Donald who dropped the EP with a single tweet. Considering rumors of a new Gambino project (and seemingly the last) on the horizon, fans are consuming as much music as possible before it’s too late. While it was originally unsure as to whether these songs were considered singles, according to Pitchfork the press release implies that “Summertime Magic” will be the first single on his fourth studio album.

Do yourself a favour and throw both of these songs into any Summer Chill playlist you may have. Childish Gambino’s Summer Pack is on all available streaming platforms.

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