Tyler The Creator & A$AP Rocky Drop “Potato Salad” Freestyle

Last night the duo dropped a freestyle, a European-themed music video and teased a long-awaited collaboration. Look below for the dope video and a download link.


A bromance that frequently comes to mind in hip-hop nowadays is the one between Tyler the Creator and A$AP Rocky. The longtime friends and collaborators dropped visuals for a crazy freestyle last night called “Potato Salad” right before Rocky released Volume 3 of his AWGE DVD collection. After touring together on 2015’s “Rocky and Tyler Tour”, the two have come together for absolute heaters such as “Telephone Calls”, “Who Dat Boy” and “What The Fuck Right Now”, a freestyle to Kanye West’s “Freestyle 4”.

On “Potato Salad” we find Tyler and Rocky rapping while sightseeing various locations in Paris. The freestyle showcases exactly what we love to see (and hear, I guess) from both of these artists. The flow is sharp and intricate. Tyler raps about how he’s transcended hip-hop, his unique fashion sense and how he’s at another level compared to his peers. Rocky comes in with typical charm, rapping about high fashion and his position in the game while taking shots at some of the XXL Freshman artists. It’s full of charisma, humour, and swagger from start to finish. Oh yeah, and the production is the instrumental from Monica and Kanye West’s 2003 hit “Knock Knock”.

AWGE’s music videos have been on-point lately, so it’s no surprise that whoever edited the video absolutely killed it. The lyrics are integrated into the visuals with perfection, making it more unique and enticing. The video also features a cameo from Jaden Smith, whose role could be best described as Aziz Ansari in “Otis”.

Most importantly, at the end of the freestyle, the artists teased that a joint-venture titled WANG$AP was “coming soon”. WANG$AP is frequently mentioned when the two collaborate together, a play-on-words consisting of Tyler’s Golf Wang brand and A$AP’s name. This set the internet on fire, just as you might expect. We can only imagine how a project might sound between the Odd Future & A$AP Mob frontmen. Fans have hoped for a project from these two for years but never expected it to actually come to fruition. Tyler commented on all the speculation a few hours after the video was released:

If I’m gonna nitpick, and I will, he doesn’t technically say that the possibility of a soon-to-come project doesn’t exist. Plus with his infamous online trolling, we never really know for sure. Nonetheless, fans (including myself) are still hopeful. Chances are that WANG$AP will still probably drop before Astroworld does anyways.

Check out the music video below. Also, I know you wanna bump this on streaming so click here for a download link I found that actually works.

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