KTheChosen Presents: Amazon ft. Nyemike


“Born and raised in Zimbabwe, KTheChosen is a freestyle rapper currently studying business at the University of Calgary. Although his goal within hip hop is to work in the field of artist development, he never shies away from an opportunity to drop a freestyle verse. Inspired by artists such as King Los and Kendrick Lamar, KTheChosen challenges himself to write lyrics that are both entertaining and enlightening.”

When I’m watching a music video, quite often I’m not always thinking about what’s actually happening in the video – I’m paying attention to it, sure, but I’m not actively seeing the content as separate entities. I don’t put too much thought into who created the art that was specifically chosen to be on the walls in the background, or the choreographer who spent hours putting together moves that speak to the music for the dance crew. I never really think about how every part of a video is done with purpose because I’m too busy focusing on the artist who is usually the forefront of the piece. It could also be because I have the attention span of a goldfish, but let’s talk about that another time.

For KTheChosen, and many other local artists who are looking to showcase talent in their community, a music video is always so much more than a platform solely for them. When KTheChosen reached out to me, he didn’t mention anything about himself. He focused on who was involved in creating his latest video release, “Amazon” ft. Nyemike (who, I might add, proves to be a standout as the featured artist with his cadence and presence). As I learned more about the different moving parts in the video, it opened my eyes to the talent embedded here in Calgary both within and outside of the music scene. Directed by Mactabilis with photography by Esther Cho, “Amazon” is as fun to watch as it is to vibe to. On the walls of the video, intricate art by Harvey Nichol becomes a prominent piece, as well as bright graffiti from an artist who wishes to stay anonymous. Dressed in camo but impossible to miss, dancers Jeziah Altares, Jasen Canul and Karen Joy flow through moves choreographed by Jeziah herself. Finally, Aaron Tam and Like New Vintage give nod to the flex culture theme of “Amazon” through curated thrifted threads that look – well – like new.

Cred: Facebook, KTheChosen

As for KTheChosen himself, I see some big potential for this young Calgary artist. In a city with a growing hip-hop community and some – if not super well-known – opportunities to bring your talent to the table, KTheChosen looks comfortable showing off. He doesn’t need a high budget video with elaborate sets and fireworks  – what he needs is community, and what he has is a solid crew. And I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look like they had a good time doing it.

KTheChosen uses his influence and voice as a platform for all to stand on. He takes what he does seriously, and upholds a standard of commitment and passion that is evident in his strives for collaboration. See the stage he has set first hand in his new video, “Amazon”, below.

You can catch KTheChosen, otherwise known as Thabo Chinake, speaking at Calgary’s Tedx Event on May 9th. And on the rhythm side of things, you can hear KTheChosen on Spotify and Soundcloud.

If you’re a real die-hard, keep up to date with the whole crew below:

Directed by: Mactabilis
Featuring: KTheChosen & Nyemike
Dancers: Jeziah Altares, Jasen Canul, Karen Joy
Wardrobe: Like New Vintage
Photography : Esther Cho Photography
Artwork by Harvey Nichol
Shot on location at NvrLnd YYC

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