redleafgoldteeth. est 2015. 

redleafgoldteeth was dreamed up in early 2015 as a platform to create, and by February 2015, was up and running. We strive to bring Canadians the latest and greatest urban content every day, whether it be new music, clothing lookbooks, shoe drop dates, or just articles and journals that inspire and applaud the culture we live.

Canada isn’t the same as the States, and we don’t think you should be treated the same. We are one of the most diverse countries in the world, and it reflects in the versatility of our urban culture. The culture we live and love is no longer strictly hip-hop, baggy tees and Timbs; no we’re blessed by things like Electronic music, joggers and Roshes influencing the culture as well.

Be a taste-maker, not a taste-tester

As much as we want to deny it, Canadian culture dropped off in 2000’s after booming in the 90’s. As kids who were born into the amazing culture that things like the Blue Jays, Raptors, and Canadian Hip-Hop brought in the 90’s, we were forced to sit back and watch as America did its thing for next 10 years. With the re-emergence of our own identity, we deserve to finally have our chance to show out.

This blog will keep you up to date on similar things you might be seen on other sites like Hypebeast, Illroots, Complex and HNHH, but with a Canadian spin (especially pertaining to releases and tour dates). With that said, we’ll also post the music that you won’t see anywhere else because we know how much of a creative influence the music has on the culture.

Consider this your new favourite website. Be a taste-maker, not a taste-tester.

RLGTCanada, canadian tastemakers.

The Team:

HOSPEY -170812-03 (2)

Negele aka Hospey – Brand Owner, Lead Writer, and Content Creator

Bio: I started this blog about a month after my 20th birthday, after being inspired by some of America’s finest; I wanted a platform for Canadians to be showcased. Now it’s our turn. I’m currently in my 5th year at the University of Calgary pursuing a Communications degree, and I am very intrigued by college culture. Basically, I’m into all things music, sport, & fashion. [2018 EDIT: I’m currently NOT a 5th-year University pleb…. I’m now a 2 years graduated pleb, living in London, UK. Since we last spoke, I worked for Chance the Rapper (who I originally listed below as my favourite rapper), worked with a few more artists including a stint managing YBN Cordae, and now I’m out still chasing the dream in Europe. Shouts to Killa Cam for keeping this dream alive and taking it to new heights! WE STILL WORLDWIDE]

Favourite artists (2015): Chance the Rapper, J.Cole, Big Sean, Kanye West, Logic, Childish Gambino, Flume, Major Lazer, Jarreau Vandal, etc.
Twitter: @hospey
Instagram: @Hxspey
Email: negele19@live.com



Husson Z – Brand Owner, Lead Design, occasional Writer (ha)

Bio: I joined up with Negele shortly after he created readleafgoldteeth, and I’m down for everything that the brand stands for. I’m a 21-year-old journalism grad that’s also over at the University of Calgary pursuing a Communications degree, and I’m looking forward to bringing forth my passion for the culture that we all live and breath, into the work I put into this brand.

Favourite artists (2015): Kid Cudi, JMSN, Charles Hamilton, Kanye West, Mike Posner, etc.
Email: hussonzaman@gmail.com



Cam Hache – Editor-In-Chief, Lead New Business, Staff Writer


Favourite Artists:

Staff Writers:


Raymond Diep – Multiple credits, curator of “Ray To Riches“, and all things DMX.



Gurnoor Aujla – Multiple credits, curator of “Why Random Things Are Trash“/ in-house beat maker.



Thomas Johnson – Multiple credits, curator of “RLGT 100 Word Reviews“. Fun Fact: Also responds to the name “Father Don Dusty“.



Carly Weiler – Multiple credits, curator of “Local Spotlight: An Interview With…”. Fun Facts: Kines student at the University of Alberta, and probably a faster skiier than you. Pictured above is her daily attire.

Contributing Writers:

Andy Per – Sports Writer, Multiple credits. See “Journal: What A Time To Be Alive

Amanda Lee – Style Writer; creator of NailsAndThreads. See “RLGT Style: My Leather Black Jeans

Want to contribute to RLGT? Send writing submissions and pitches to cam.hache12@gmail.com! DO NOT SEND MUSIC SUBMISSIONS TO THIS ADDRESS – see our contact page for music submission details.

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      1. Hey Kate,
        Thank you so much, I really appreciate that! I will definitely be in touch with you over the next little while today! The Phat Startup looks like an amazing opportunity!
        -Negele (Hospey)


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