Want to become a part of the RLGT Fam?

Red Leaf Gold Teeth

Looking for a great way to reach thousands of readers each week? Contact RLGT today and show us what you got!

Submit all music, and writing submissions to:, (writing attn: Negele, music attn: Nick)

and/or please submit all LOCAL (western Canada) to, attn: Carly.

We post only the highest quality music (songs, videos, mixes, etc), fashion, art, and written submissions. With that being said, don’t be afraid to submit something, and we will give you feedback either way! We know the value of a positive comment or a simple suggestion. We like to focus on upcoming Canadian talent, but creatives from anywhere are encouraged to submit!

hint: don’t send us the same automated message you send everyone else. Unless your stuff is the greatest thing to ever bless my ears I most likely won’t pay much attention to your spam. If you are about the art it shouldn’t pain to too much to add 2-3 sentences before your spiel, about our site, and what you like about it, and why your submission is relevant to our audience.

We look forward to growing with you!


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